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  • Access the full textof Canadian health, safety and environmental legislation.
  • Look up critical guidelines守则from all jurisdictions.
  • Get monthly reports哪些监测,追踪和突出相关立法,包括宣言和拟议的规定。这些报告还提供了最近修正案的立法摘要,因此您可以看到at-a-a-glace更改的内容。
  • French legislationcontent is available.
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Easy to use

  • 按单词或短语搜索in just one jurisdiction or search across all jurisdictions. Link from one relevant citation to another.
  • Share informationwith others. Make legislation available on your network to communicate responsibilities and obligations throughout your organization. Download sections for compliance manuals and reports.
  • Simultaneously compare使用多个窗口的引用,图表或文本。
  • Identifynew and amended documents quickly and easily.


  • Access legislation through a browser on yourmobile device.
  • 在你的指尖保持重要立法,就在你的手中desktop要么laptop.

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  • Daily online updates包括新立法和最新的修正案。
  • Enjoy prompt customer servicefrom dedicated health and safety experts.


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  • Joint health and safety committee members
  • Government inspectors
  • Occupational health nurses
  • Supervisors and managers
  • Occupational hygienists
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